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A New Cooling System

The season has already started and during several months the FSB team will be working on developing new ideas for the projects FSB2020 y FSB2021. One of the major changes will be the cooling system of the car. In an electrical vehicle, heat is generated as the batteries discharge and internal temperature gradients can deteriorate the batteries. That is why the refrigerator plays such an important role. It is of utmost importance to develop the necessary mathematical models in order to carry out the design of the new refrigeration system. With these accurate calculations of how much heat the future single-seaters will generate, it will be possible to obtain the most efficient system to evacu


The FSB Dynamics group has started the season 19/20 full of new challenges. New designs such as corners, suspension, brake system and others, are being held by this group. However, our FSB19 has not been immobilised. Our Dynamics group is working hard in the setup of this car, not only for our own benefit but for the future events! At the same time we expose our proyect in the science week, we will be doing something very special for us: Driving Bilbao 2019. This day our Formula Student Bizkaia members will drive this car around Bilbao. The show is more than waranted, be aware while you walk through Bilbao streets, See you soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------


The season has already started and Powertrain members are making progress with their designs. On the one hand, the motors for the FSB20 have already been chosen, with the help of the Simulation group, who has been charged with analysing the possible effects of different models on the car. On the other hand, after several iterations with the gear calculation program, they have been able to dimension the reducer gearset that best adapts to their needs, even though the model still needs optimizing. Regarding the inverters, an exhaustive analysis is being carried out in order to maximize the two motors’ performance and be able to reach the goals that have been defined by the team at the beginnin

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