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Improving ergonomics

In the chassis group, we are working this new season to implement a series of changes, among them, we are changing the manufacturing method of the monocoque, as well as studying the ergonomics of our drivers. Meanwhile, we keep an eye on the future, starting the first designs of what will be our FSB2021. We face this new phase full of challenges with a lot of illusion, effort and hard work so that we can see all this changes come forward in this new season’s car and the next year’s. Aurten Txasis taldean hainbat hobekuntzetan lanean ari gara. Besteak beste, monokaskoaren fabrikazio metodoa aldatu, edota ergonomia azterketa bat gidariaren erosotasuna zihurtatzeko. Bitartean, hasi gara disei

Simulation group with Tecnalia

Simulation group with Tecnalia After a partnership agreement with Tecnalia, one of the leading companies in the field of innovation, our Simulation group has been provided with a new tool for further development on the team's simulator. This tool is the one that Tecnalia developed and uses for commercial purposes.This simulator, named Dynacar, has an special feature: apart from performing the required mathematical calculations, it displays the results in a realistic 3D environment. This way, we will not only obtain the results in 2D graphs but also the behaviour of the car will be obtained in a visual way. After getting familiar with the software, we will start a reverse-engineering process


We have been at the Zientzia Astea event again this year from November 6th to 10th. During the week, people come to learn science in a more dynamic way. We have participated in several ways. On the one hand, we had our stand set up at Bizkaia Aretoa, next to the ones of the other participants in the event. We exhibited different parts that make up our car, and we took our simulator, so that the younger ones and not so young could drive. On the other hand, on Friday we gave a talk to advertise the new teaching methodologies that are being implemented in our college (PBL). Finally, the Driving Bilbao event was on Saturday morning and we drove the car through the main streets of the city. It ha

Tartanga and test versions of the PCBs

Today we have visited the work space and the new tools available at our partner Tartanga. During these last few weeks, we have been toping off the decisions about the design of the 2020 and 2021 car, so our visit to Tartanga will let us plan the best process based on the tools available. In order to get the most out of it, this coming manufacturing season, we are especially interested in the different welding options; from ELECTRONICS we have great expectations, especially in the possibility of being able to build test versions of the PCBs, which will lead us to be better prepared for the competition season. Gaur, gure kidea, Tartangarekin lan egiteko aukera izan dugu. Haien instalakuntzak e

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