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Aerodynamics explained

Why did we decide to study aerodynamics? It´s not a new thing to apply the theory of the aerodynamics in a car. In 1920, engineers implemented this theory which had been previously applied in planes in order to reduce the drag. But, what is drag? “The force on an object that resists its motion through a fluid is called drag. When the fluid is a gas like air, it is called aerodynamic drag or air resistance.” This may sound good, however it's better to understand the concept if we imagine our hand outside the car while we are on the road. (We've all done this). If we put the hand vertically the resistance will be higher than in a horizontal position. So, our target is to create aerodynamic dev

15 Vocational Training Institutions

In Formula Student Bizkaia we collaborate with 15 vocational training institutions. On the one hand, they help us manufacture indispensable parts for our vehicle, we learn to do the drawings and how to use CAM programs. And on the other, they have the opportunity to see their work reflected in a real project, learning with a clear purpose of helping us to achieve the best results in competition. In addition, we make visits and organize talks to explain the design and manufacturing processes of our Formula Student single seater vehicle. In this way, we approach students to learn together with the project and share the experience, maybe some of them will end being one of our team members. Why

Developing a Business Model

With the beginning of the 2020 season, the Business Case group has begun to work very strongly. This being a leading test in the team, each year a group meets weekly to develop a new and viable business model, which comes out of every established scheme and parameter. At this time, with these dates so marked, the fellowship and union between us is accentuated, which makes Brain Storming an entertaining, dynamic and effective session. It is possible that these sessions will produce unimaginable follies, but it is our job to make these ideas something realistic and attractive, in which you will invest. That said, from what is our second Formula Student Bizkaia family, we wish you the best of y


On Sunday 24th of November we celebrated the Alumni Race Day. A lot of students take part in Formula Student Bizkaia team every year, for two, three or even four seasons. Each person makes a lot of effort to improve any of the parts of the vehicle, no matter which is the area they are involved in, it is all about putting their grain of sand to obtain the best results. It is all about passion and commitment. This is why every year after finishing the season, we invite all the alumni of the team to drive the vehicle and experience the real sensation of a well-done job. After designing, manufacturing, mounting and testing is… What is better that driving it? Apart from this, this was the last te


The season for the Formula Student Bizkaia 2020 has started in the best possible way, being currently the design stage of the new electric prototype that the team has been carrying since 2012. FSB2020's Cost & Manufacturing group has started with new techniques to prepare everything necessary for this static test, which evaluates the knowledge of manufacturing processes and costs involved in our great prototype, and achieve the best result the team has ever achieved. For this we have the experience lived in previous competitions and with a staff of designers of the FSB2020. With effort, work and dedication, we will achieve the results we have set out to achieve! #AlwaysDrivingTogether. Formu

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