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What is the Powertrain group working on?

One of the most important tasks that we have under way as members of FSB, is designing and manufacturing the cars for 2020 and 2021, even so, we must not forget about doing the required maintenance to the previous cars, which have led us to where we are. That is why from PowerTrain group, we are devoting our time in dismantling, cleaning, refilling with oil and, most importantly, changing the pieces that were deficient from the motor and reducer of the FSB2019. Guaranteeing the safety and reliability is one of our main assignment inside the PowerTrain group, not only, to make the pilot as comfortable as we can, but also to perform a clear and successful competition. This year is going to be

FSB2020 is giving off sparks!

Manufacturing time has come to Formula Student Bizkaia, such is the case that in the Electronics group we are already working to assemble this year's vehicle: FSB2020. In our department this period is synonymous of plenty of finger burns, a lot of time in front of our schematics, and a big patience checking our designs in order to ensure that they work correctly. Between this year's newness, we have a BMS (Battery Management System) designed by our own, a system able to read any kind of sensor, and a new software to program our microcontrollers. From Electronics group we will keep working hard to show off the results of our persistence, attitude, and effort. You will have soon a new car to a

Working non-stop towards the FSB2020

Just past the 2020 start line, in Formula Student Bizkaia we press the accelerator even more. During the academic break of the Christmas holidays, we took advantage of the cessation of classes to intensify efforts in the design of our next single-seating car and to strengthen relationships with our suppliers, sponsors and collaborating entities. The huge technological forward leap that the implementation of a 4 wheel drive implies, forces us, more than ever, to maintain constant communication among us so that each and every one of the project members are aware of the latest updates. This is being possible, principally, thanks to the “Catia V6” platform of the “Dassault Systems” group that al

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