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FSBizkaia's Cost and Manufacturing Group

The season is progressing and so is FSBizkaia's Cost and Manufacturing group. After analysing the group's strengths and weaknesses in the 2018-2019 season, new documents are being prepared for the manufacturing process of the prototype. The Cost and Manufacturing team currently includes members from all the car's groups: Aerodynamics, chassis, dynamics, simulation, electronics, powertrain and organization. All this brings great reliability to all the costs calculated for each part, since they have knowledge about all areas of the car. In addition, it is a common practice in the group to give explanatory talks to all the members of the group about the different parts of the car, and how each

Simulation is bringing new control strategies

The Simulation group, as a means to improve the overall performance of the FSB2020, aside from the redesign of the car, is working on new control strategies that will boost the results of the team. The data that is retrieved from the car is instrumental to develop the control strategies that enables our drivers to push it to its limit. That is why it has been fundamental to develop a telemetry system that copes with the ever-growing necessities of the team. For several years it was based on ZigBee modules but as a part of the redesign, we have transitioned to a WIFI based technology together with a brand-new interface that will allow us to race with the confidence that the car and the driver

Getting ready to laminate!

The Chassis group is currently doing the last retouches to start laminating the monocoque. This year we have decided to do the lamination in stages, this type of manufacturing allows us to laminate in a more precise way and as a consequence we hope to have better results. On the other hand it requires more preparation prior to manufacturing than previous years. Despite the difficulty we assume we will do a good job and it will be a great step for this season's car and for subsequent ones. Chassisen monokaskoa laminatzeko azken prestakuntzak ari gara egiten. Aurten, laminazioa zatika egitea erabaki dugu, fabrikazio modu honek laminazio zehatzagoa errazten du eta, beraz, emaitza hobeagoak lort

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