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Altium and Formula Student Bizkaia

Formula Student Bizkaia is a group of forty-nine students taking part in an engineering competition with other universities around the world. The team has its main facilities at the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao, at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), in the north of Spain. The objective is to design, build and compete in a single-seater vehicle each year, and test our engineering skills in the different Formula Student events held in F1 circuits around Europe. We have participated since 2008 in these competitions, manufacturing more than 13 vehicles. We started with internal combustion engines, but in 2012, our team switched to electric, and developed our first prototype in t

Aerodynamics Explained Part II

In the aerodynamics group we like to talk about aerodynamics (bet you didn’t see that one coming), and therefore we are coming back for a second Aerodynamics Explained. We already told you the reason why we study the aerodynamics of our race car, so this time we are explaining a little piece that is always confusing the first time you see it: the Gurney flap. The Gurney flap is the short perpendicular wall at the end. It was discovered by Dan Gurney in the 70s. You may think that a wall right in the airflow cannot be any good as it will generate drag. You would be right about the drag, but it does more good than harm. The point is that, in our journey to downforce, we position our wings with

What is Powertrain working on?

As the season progresses, you can see how the car is gradually taking shape. As for the Powertrain group, they have begun to do some tests: on one hand, they have tested the effects of the inverters and motors to study the control parameters and to deepen the regenerative braking. On the other hand, they have already begun to assemble the parts that make up the battery, which arrived two weeks ago, since, they must fill six “packs” full of batteries, which then will go on a 3D printing base. Finally, in regard to the transmission, they expect the parts to be manufactured in the coming weeks, so that they can be mounted and then perform vacuum tests. Denboraldia aurrera doan heinean, autoa it

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