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How is the FSB2021 going?

In chassis we are at full capacity in this phase! We are working on both the FSB20 and FSB21. On the one hand, we are finishing the final touches of the FSB20 monocoque, which even without wheels has already managed to overcome a pandemic. On the other hand, at the moment we are fully involved in the manufacture of the FSB21 models. We want to thank, above all, Sistemodel and Imedusa for leaving us the models ready to paint and varnish. From these, the carbon fiber molds that will allow us to laminate our beautiful FSB21 monocoque in pre-impregnated carbon fiber will be taken later. Why do the molds and the piece have to be of the same material, in this case carbon fiber, despite being more

Season 19/20 Recap

Although it's been a while since the last post, Formula Student Bizkaia team has been working nonstop, even during lockdown. Due to the global pandemic many tasks have been harder to carry out, nevertheless, we had the opportunity to participate in the FSUK virtual competition. On one hand, there was the virtual dynamic event made up of two parts: Lap-Time Simulation (LTS) of Acceleration and Skid-Pad using a Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) Model. Online multiplayer competitive sim races using Assetto Corsa and an IMechE hosted private servers. And on the other hand, the virtual static events where experts from the automotive sector, who play the role of judges, test the knowledge and skills of te

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