RollOut & Design for Companies Events

From the organization group, some of the most important events are coming: the RollOut and the Design for companies.

On the RollOut, we officialy introduce the car, showing the all the season´s work. This event will be celebrated on July 9, in the Bizkaia Aretoa, and there will be team members whit the intention of exhibit our work's results. Institutions, sponsors and relatives will join us. Because of the pandemic, there will be so restricted capacity, so we must follow all the prevention guidelines, and reduce the groups of people. The event will be distended and for all audiences, and also so amused.

In contrast to the RollOut, "Design for companies" is a more technical event, where it´s necessary automotion knowledge. In this event, our car´s designs are showed to some companies thar sponsor our team, so we can all learn of it. Besides, some sponsors can briefly display their work. In this way, we can also know the companies that work with our proyect, and meet all of us in depth.

That´s the reason why we are so excited with both events. we wish to do this as well as possible, and also fulfill the team´s goals, as the competitions are closer.

See you in the events!