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Formula Student Bizkaia is a non-profit docence project, created in 2006, with the principal goal of promoting the communication, the formation, the talent and the employability of its members, applying the "Project Based Learning" (PBL) methodology, interned on Company at the University arrangement.

In summary, the Formula  Student Bizkaia project proposes one challenge to all the engineering students who belong to the project: the design and construction of a Formula single seater, to compete on international Formula Student events.

With the motivation of this challenge and the innovative methodology of the project, the team members work the hard skills (technical aspects) and the soft skills (communication, leadership, collaboration...), while they work in another aspects, as the sustainability, the gender equality, and the promotion of STEAM vocations.


El objetivo principal del proyecto está enmarcado en el ODS 8 “Trabajo Decente y Crecimiento Económico”, siendo el ODS 4 “Educación de Calidad” el vehículo que el proyecto usa para lograrlo. De forma transversal se integran 4 ODS, que se pueden juntar en tres grupos:  Impacto en el Medio Ambiente (ODS  7 y 12), Alianzas para lograr objetivos (ODS 17) e Igualdad de género (ODS5). Todas las actividades del proyecto están enmarcadas en los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) mostradas en la figura anterior.

2030 Sustainable Development Schedule



The main objective is framed in the SDG 8 "Decent Work y Ecnonomic Increasing", being the SDG 4 "Quality Education" the working medium the project uses to achieve it. Crosswise are integrated 4 SDG, that can be put together on three groups: Enviromental Impacts (SDG 7 and 12), Alliances to achieve goals (SDG 17), AND Gender Equality (SDG 5). All of the team activities are related with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), shown in the figure above.

The project is recognized on the IKD i3 strategy of the UPV/EHU, as a sustainability referring, being part of the EHUAgenda2030.






The project has a strong presence in all the events of the promotion of STEAM vocations in our enviroment, both those promoted by the UPV/EHU and the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, and public institutions and private entities. So every year we take part in events as the Science Week, the  EIB/BIE Openhouse days, the Zientzia Azoka, Naukas Kids, and also forums and activities promoted by the industries of our zone.

Zientzia Astea Bilbao
zientzia azoka
fondo solido redondo.png
open ehu.png

Every year from the project we organize some events with the goal of bringing closer the science and technology to our enviroment: the Driving Bilbao, where we show our single seaters in Bilbao´s streets; the Roll-Out Event, where we officialy present our cars or the Design & Job Day, organized with the collaborating companies. We also impart small talks on institutes and Professional Training centers, with the goal of promoting scienctifc-technical vocations, especially among women.

With more than 10 years of experience, in 2020 Innobasque and the Basque Goverment have recognized our work, awarding the stamp of the STEAM initiative.

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