Formula Student Bizkaia is constituted by a group of students from the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, belonging to the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).


Faculty advisors

Javier Corral

Charles Pinto

Asier Zubizarreta

The Faculty Advisor is expected to accompany the team to the competition and will be considered by competition officials to be the official university representative. They also may advise their team on general engineering and engineering project management theory.

Team Leader 

The team leader is the person who provides direction, instructions and guidance to the team, for the purpose of achieving a certain goal. He also works with the technical managers and the team sponsors to obtain the required resources to support  team's activities.

Fco. Javier Díez

Team Leader



The team needs a number of different managers with various skill sets. Technical managers lead technological development activities. They tend to possess a high degree of expertise in a given technical area, so that they must be able to lead a team developing that code.

Hugo Arístegui

Technical Manager

Iker Vera

Technical Manager

Nerea Pérez

Financial Manager


Sandra Ortiz

Managment &Communication Manager

Chassis & Aerodynamic group

Javier Marin

Chassis & Aerodynamics Manager

Aerodynamics group is responsible for the design, calculus and manufacture of all aerodynamic parts of the vehicle. They develop the  front and rear wing, including different pieces as the diffuser, undertray the difuser and the sidepods. In adition, they are responsible for the cooling system of the powertrain. One of the main objectives of the group is to improve the performance of the car  achieving an optimun lift/drag ratio. They are continously innovating with the designs, manufacturing techniques and new materials implementation.

Iker Arrien

Jose de Lecea

Borja de Madariaga

Martín Aguirrezabal

Jon Ander Ferri

Joseba Domínguez

Iñigo Gil

Rubén Páramo



Corners group is responsible of the design, manufacture, assemble and maintenance of the front and back unsprung mass assemblies, the pedals and the brake system..

Juan Carlos Azcoitia

Corners Manager

Sebastián Rico

Diego Rodrigo

Eduardo Lázaro

Lara Albaigar

Mikel Martínez

Oihan Ruiz de Gopegui

Asier Taboada


Control and Telemetry group

Control and telemetry group is in charge of low voltage systems of the vehicle. They are responsible for the design and creation of PCBs, the software implemented in them and telemetry. Its function is to gather information from the sensors distributed throughout the car and manage them in the electrical control unit (ECU), with the aim of sending signals to the different parts of the car, from the floorboard through the dashboard to the rear module where the motors and inverters are located.

Aitor Blanco

Control & Telemetry manager

Josu Zotes

Alberto Parra

Laura Pina


Leyre Garmendia

Jon Oterino

Laura Pereg

Managment and communication

Sandra Ortíz

Managment & Communication Manager

Managment and communication group group despite not being related to the design and technical production of the vehicle has an important role in the team. It is responsible for managing communication and the proper operation of the team in terms of workload distribution and organization of time.

Nerea Ortíz

Financial Manager

Powertrain group

Iosu Erauskin

Powertrain Manager

Powertrain group is responsible for the high voltage traction system: from the accumulator (batteries system) to the motors including inverters. Its aim is to develop a strong, reliable and powerful tractive system and for this reason is in charge of the design, validation, construction and development of the assembly.

Furthermore, its aim is also to transmit the power generated in the motors to the wheels of the car. This group is in charge of mainshafts, epicyclics, bearings and all supports and anchoring systems of these components to the monocoque

Ander Aizpuru

Markel Alaña

Ana Martin

Jon Altuna

Ainhoa Garmendia

Xabier Larrañaga

Alejandro López

Iñigo Señorans

Cristina Guitiérrez


Combustion group

This department is responsible for maintaining engine component design admission, storage, leaks, disposal of these objects, and look for new techniques to get performance gasoline and air.

Iker Arrien

Drivetrain Manager

Aitor Arana


Suspension & Steering

Suspension group is the responsible of the design of the car's suspension and steering. Among its tasks, the first is the design of the suspension geometry in order to find the best cars dynamic performance. 

Ander Lang

Suspension & Steering Manager

Asier Arizala

Lander Mella

Endika Urkullu

Emma Arana

Jagoba Briongos

Beatriz Bageneta

Aitor Gallego

Research & Development group

Research & Development Group is formed by senior and expert members of the team. Thanks to their wide knowledge, acquired through their experience developing previous FSB's, the members of this group look for ambitious development projects.

Andoni Calvo

Research & Development group

Hegoi Amestoy

Victor Angulo

Eduardo Cartagena

Ander Caneda