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The FSBe2012 was the electric twin of the FSB2012. The first electric prototype of FSBizkaia, and managed to complete all the events of a Formula Student competition on its first year


The revolutionary FSBe2012 was developed in parallel to the FSB2012, applying all the knowledge in frame, suspension, corner and drivetrain from previous years with almost a year of research in electric engines. The result: this green-coloured FSB was  first electric prototype to finish all static and dynamic tests on a Formula Student competition as a first-year.​



Chassis: Steel tube frame

Bodywork:Line Fibre workbody

Powertrain type: Electric

Engine:  Lynch 200D135 RAGS (x2)

Weight: 200kg

Acceleration 0-75m: 3,9s

Top Speed: 98,7km/h






Formula Student UK: -


Formula Student Spain: 11

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